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Why choose us?

• A lawyer is mandatory for every real estate transaction

In almost all cases, the process of buying and selling the property ends with the lawyer preparing, countersigning and submitting the contract of sale to the land registry, conducting the land registry procedure. Why not start the process with your lawyer right away if you can also engage them with the real estate brokerage.

• We have alaw degree, and we are experienced in real estate legal cases

Lawyers have mastered the rules of real estate law and contract law during their university training and have deepened this theoretical knowledge with many years of practical experience in conducting many real estate cases, which you can also count on in the case of selling and buying real estate.

• We have liability insurance

Every lawyer is a member of the Bar Association that supervises his or her activities and is obliged to maintain liability insurance in connection with his or her activities, including real estate brokerage.

• We work in accordance with ethical rules

Lawyers are obliged to comply with the rules of ethics and conduct specified in the regulations of the Lawyers Bar Association during their real estate brokerage activities.

• We identify the property and the parties in the official databases

In the course of our work, we are obliged to check and identify the data, owners and contractors of the properties responsibly.

• You can also contact us in other legal matters

If you have been impressed by  your lawyer during real estate brokerage, you can be assisted b them in other legal matters.

• We work at a realistic price

Although we provide real estate brokerage with a law degree and liability insurance, our fees are not higher than market prices, in many cases they are more favorable than the levels applied by our competitors, and are always based on the agreement of the parties.