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Photography guide


Before taking a photo, it is essential to create cleanliness and order in the property. Shelves, tables, packing places, clothes hangers should be empty, do not capture personal belongings. In the pictures, it is not the life of the owner, the hobbies and objects he loves, but the real estate that gets the central role.

Take good quality, high resolution images, do not use blurred photos.

Let's try to take as many photos as possible, we don't know which one will catch the person interested.

For photography, choose a time when most of the natural light is visible in the apartment, trying to reproduce the lights that can be perceived in the brightest moment of the day.

Pay attention to reflections from mirrors, glass, and other glossy surfaces where the photographer or those standing next to them become visible.

In addition to the interiors, a photo of the benefits of the outdoor environment seen from the balcony or window can also be useful.

The settings should reflect the space distribution of the property, the larger the area worth capturing in the image.

People and animals should not be visible in the photos. These are pointless in terms of selling the property, they just distract attention and can sometimes be confusing. The goal is to capture the property, the buyer focuses on the sight of the property.

Don’t be afraid to ask a professional photographer for help, we don’t necessarily have to take the shots; it is worth entrusting an experienced professional. The high level of sophistication resulting from their experience is evident in their photos of the property.